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Appointments - San Rafael and Petaluma Rolfer – Marin & Sonoma


Rolfing Pricing - Petaluma and San Rafael


Number of Sessions  



 Single Session


 Sessions normally last 75 minutes

 Series of 10 Sessions

Paid in advance

To make an appointment please call Ramone at 303-884-1748

For more information you can email ryrolfs@aol.com

What to Expect During Your Rolfing Appointment

  • Please allow 1.5 hours for a first visit.
  • During the treatment you do not take off all your clothes. Typically underwear and a bra are worn. Sports bras, two piece bathing suits, gym shorts are all fine. Your comfort is key.
  • You will be on the table covered most of the time yet we will check your posture (structure) occasionally.
  • One session will relax you and usually leaves you feeling lighter and more energized. 
  • If you are trying Rolfing for the first time the session usually is experienced as a very relaxing pain-free deep tissue massage treatment and there is no obligation to continue the process.

After Your First Appointment

  • There is a basic series for Rolfing that usually runs ten sessions depending on your needs.
  • After the basic series people may choose tune-ups or an Advanced Series. Sometimes people will take a break for a few months or longer before receiving more work. Ask me and we can discuss what will work best for you considering time, budgeting, etc.
  • If you do continue sessions are ideally done once a week or once every two weeks. Sessions can be scheduled further apart to accommodate your needs. This is something we can discuss when we start working together.

Sonoma and Marin Rolfing Locations

San Rafael
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

1115 Irwin Street Suite 200
San Rafael, CA 94901

Wednesday and Saturday

5 Keller Street
Petaluma, CA 94952


With less than 24 hours cancellation notice full price is charged.